28. Gaufest July 2022

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Gaufest Registration

We are busy planning the 28. Gaufest. We provided a status report to the Gauverband noting changes, some driven by COVID-19. We have not determined when registration will open. This page will be updated as the timing is finalized, and we will share information here and directly with the Gauverband and member Vereins. Our goal is to provide accurate information when available. Updates are announced by the Wanderpreis couple on our Home Page.

What to Expect

Each Verein in Gauverband Nordamerika should assign a Gaufest administrator who will be given access to the Verein area of the Gaufest registration site. They will be able to order event tickets, pre-order souvenirs, sign up for Ehrentänze, etc.

We also will have a method for people not associated with a Verein (member organization of Gauverband Nordamerika) to order Gaufest tickets and purchase souvenirs.

This page will have more information as available with further instructions later this summer. With the COVID pandemic, we may roll things out over time instead of posting everything at once. For example, souvenir information may be delayed as we work out timelines with suppliers. In the end, we expect to provide everything you have come to know and love about a Gaufest.

Booking Your Hotel Room

All attendees should stay at Harrah's. The Conference Center, where all Gaufest events are held, is connected to the hotel. Our hotel rate provides a significant discount for a room at the Jersey Shore in July. The ease of getting between your room and all events means staying at Harrah's Resort is the only logical choice. See Harrah's Resort for more information.

We will publish a link to the Harrah's reservation page for the 28. Gaufest when available, possibly before opening up Gaufest ticket sales and event registration. You will be able to extend your stay before or after the Gaufest at the group rate. Book through Harrah's 28. Gaufest reservation page as this will provide a significant discount.